Internet Boon or Bane

Internets = Parody motivator.
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The Internet is a modern phenomenon. Millions of people transcending countries and continents are connected to the Internet. It has become indispensable to daily living. Like any other technology it has its pros and cons. Depending on how it is used it may be a blessing or curse.

The Internet offers a seemingly limitless wealth of information. One does not have to search for books or spend a considerable sum to garner the required information. The Internet unifies the world. People are connected to each other via a global network of computers. Activities such as training which required the physical proximity of the teacher and his students are now conducted over the Internet and it is called a webinar.

You can book your travel tickets over the Internet. Hotel rooms can be booked over the World Wide Web. Electronic mail is an integral part of the Internet. You can communicate with people at lightning speed. Voice chat and video chat are used to indulge in social or productive activities. You can give exams online and view your results instantaneously. You can operate your banking account safely on the Internet. Shopping is also increasingly done online.

Internet has also created a host of problems unique to this technology. There is the phenomenon of cyber stalking. Celebrities or non-celebrities are pursued by others using the Internet. This is called cyber stalking because there is no physical stalking. Stalking is done via emails.

Computer viruses spread quickly via the Internet. Millions of computers can be damaged by these viruses and the cost is unimaginable. Pornographic materials are available extensively on the Internet and do not have any child safeguards. This is shown to have corrupted many innocent young minds. Marketing personnel harass people by regularly bombarding their mailbox with promotional emails.

Piracy is rampant on the Internet. Several movies and musical videos/audios can be downloaded illegally from websites. Hackers can penetrate into military or other important establishments through the Internet. Thus the establishment’s security and confidentiality can be seriously compromised.

We can only hope that the Internet benefits society and not destroys it.

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